A Textbook of Christian Ethics, 3rd Edition by Robin Gill

By Robin Gill

Robin Gill's Textbook of Christian Ethics has been a popular&...course book&...with scholars and academics for over 20 years.&...Now in its 3rd variation this&...classic&...textbook has been thoroughly revised to b

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But, perhaps inevitably , volum e fits uneasily with consistency . Of the three , Aquinas was by far the most consisten t an d systematic, but change s can be traced even in some o f his ideas. Generalizations abou t their ideas must be carefully qualified and, with Augustine and Luther, it is often importan t t o relate their ideas to the particular point in their live s i n whic h the y wer e expressed . A s writers, however , thei r overal l task s were distinct. Augustin e wrote extensivel y to defen d th e Catholi c Christianit y to whic h h e returned agains t attacks from 'pagans ' and fro m 'heretical ' Christians.

Luthe r rejecte d th e notio n o f donum supernaturale an d tende d t o se e the Fal l rathe r a s a fal l fro m th e huma n t o th e sub-human. No t surprisingly , h e tende d t o mistrus t huma n independen t rationa l abilities, a capacit y t o kno w Go d apar t fro m revelation , an d eve n fre e wil l i n mora l decision-making - thre e huma n characteristic s tha t Aquina s woul d hav e considere d essential. The ambivalenc e o f Augustin e i s demonstrate d b y hi s belie f tha t humankin d constitutes a singl e 'lum p o f sin ' (massa peccati o r massa perditionis) lackin g freedo m (libertas) bu t stil l possessin g free-will (liberum arbitrium) - a n extraordinaril y difficul t distinction that he sometimes made.

Ware represents a traditionalist approach to marriage and divorce, whereas Gregorios ' offer s a uniqu e Indian/Orthodox approac h t o technolog y an d th e environment. Berdyae v was clearl y influence d by hi s Russia n Orthodoxy , bu t h e wa s always too independen t a philosopher t o res t firmly in any single tradition. Hi s mystical individualism was most evident i n his understanding of sexuality. For him, the sexual act 'shackles man to that decadent orde r of nature, where reigns the endless relay of birth and death'; true love is 'a tormenting search for the androgynous image, for cosmic harmony', with mal e and femal e nature s mystically fused int o the androgynou s image of God ( The Meaning o f the Creative Act, p.

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